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Our 5 Credit hour Psychedelics CLE Bundle was curated in partnership with Plant Medicine Law Group and explores important dimensions of this new practice area in an intense deep dive format. Here’s what to expect:

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Courses Included:

Healthcare law and psychedelic therapy, Presented by Harry Nelson of Nelson Hardiman.

This course addresses legal/regulatory risk, and compliance considerations for healthcare professionals with respect to psychedelic therapy. The goal of the course is to familiarize participants with (i) possible lessons to be drawn from the past 25 years of expanding allowance for therapeutic use of medical marijuana for psychedelic therapy; (ii) questions as to how the expansion of the use of psychedelic therapy may differ from the medical marijuana “journey” to date; (iii) addressing ongoing limitations in federal law, including the Controlled Substances Act and Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act; and (iv) articulating risk mitigation and sound compliance practices for physicians and other health professionals in psychedelic therapy. Participants will obtain a framework for understanding regulatory compliance and risk management in prescribing or recommending psychedelics, documenting the clinical relationship, and avoiding risks in the clinical use of psychedelics.

Protecting the use of psychedelic sacraments under the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, Presented by Serena Wu and Allison Hoots of Plant Medicine Law Group.

This course discusses the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (“RFRA”) and how this federal statute protects sincere religious exercise involving the use of psychedelic sacraments, which are Schedule I controlled substances. The course will break down the RFRA jurisprudence and important considerations for RFRA protection. In addition, it will discuss best practices, and risks and benefits pertaining to such religious practices.

Psychedelic Patents: Tripping Over a New Patent Landscape, Presented by Graham Pechenik of Calyx Law.

This course addresses the conflict between psychedelics and patent law. And it may take a while to figure out how these two could co-exist as the psychedelic patent landscape keeps on changing. Join us in this session as Graham Pechenik, a patent and IP lawyer, breaks down the patent issues surrounding psychedelics from a legal perspective.

The Red Flags and Grey Areas in Psychedelic Practice, Presented by Barine Majewska of Vicente Sederberg.

This course illuminates the top 10 issues that attorneys should consider when counseling clients in the psychedelic space. It addresses legal concerns, ethical considerations, and best practices on how to build, structure and document your client’s psychedelic practice. Attorneys that are aware of these issues will help contribute to a healthy, responsible, and compassionate psychedelic industry.

Psychedelic Policy Landscape, Presented by Hadas Alterman of Plant Medicine Law Group.

This course will discuss how attorneys from all practice areas can dedicate themselves to solving legal and policy issues impacting the emerging Psychedelic Policy Landscape.

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