Waiver of Course Fees

It is the goal of CLE Companion that no attorney be refused participation in CLE courses for inability to pay. While we generally collect fees prior to course attendance, attendees who demonstrate a need may qualify for a financial hardship discount or course fee waiver.

Financial Hardship

CLE Companion may waive or reduce purchase price of courses to attendees who demonstrate financial hardship and who qualify for such discounts, based on inability to pay. Financial hardship will be determined in accordance with the policy developed by the Department of Health and Human Services. The waiver or discount will vary based on the attendees income level and family size. If you do not qualify based on the determination above, you may still qualify under our partner grant program.


Application Process

Attendees who feel they may be eligible for financial assistance must fill out a short application. This application will take gross monthly income and family size into consideration when determining eligibility. It is the responsibility CLE Companion’s central business office supervisor to determine eligibility. Any information provided to CLE Companion will be held in strict privacy in accordance as outlined in the Financial Aid section of our Privacy Policy.


Please contact our central billing office to answer any questions or request an application. All applications will be reviewed and decided in a timely manner. If your CLE deadline is within 15 days of application, please inform us so we may expedite your application.

  • Billing email:
  • Billing Phone: 561-316-3990
  • Toll Free: 1-877-670-2520

Date of Instatement: 01/08/2018

Approved By: Kristin Davidson, CEO