What are the Kansas CLE Requirements for attorneys? 

All active KS attorneys must complete a minimum of 12 KS approved CLE credit hours, including at least 2 credits in Ethics and Professionalism. 

Note: Newly Admitted Attorneys are exempt from CLE requirements for the first compliance period during which they were admitted to the Kansas Bar. 


Do Newly Admitted Attorneys in Kansas need to complete a CLE requirement? 

No, Newly Admitted Attorneys are exempt from CLE requirements for the first compliance period during which they were admitted to the Kansas Bar.  


How can Attorneys fulfill their Kansas CLE Requirements? 

Attorneys may receive KS CLE credit for attending approved CLE courses. There are multiple formats in which an attorney may complete courses for KS CLE credit: 


How many credits can Kansas attorneys complete on CLE Companion? 

CLE Companion does not accredit courses for Kansas. Please join our Newsletter for updates on adding Kansas to our library. 


Are there other ways Attorneys can earn Kansas CLE credit? 

Yes! Kansas attorneys may earn CLE credits in several other ways: 

  • Teaching: KS attorneys may earn up to 5 CLE credits for every 50 minutes spent teaching an approved program. Credits will be calculated based on both actual time spent teaching and time spent preparing. Repeat presentations may qualify for additional credits but limited to the time spent updating the presentation and teaching. 
  • Authorship: Credit may be awarded for authorship of legal publications. The author must complete an application for the approval of authorship credit. Credit will be awarded if the research: 
  • Has produced a published article, chapter, monograph, or book, personally authored, in whole or part, by the attorney, and 
  • Contributes substantially to the continuing legal education of the attorney and other attorneys. 
  • One credit hour may be awarded for each 50 minutes spent directly in preparing the publication. Publication must occur during the compliance period for which credit is requested. 
  • NOTE: An article, chapter, monograph, or book directed to a non-attorney audience, while resulting in self-improvement as a form of self-study, does not qualify for authorship credit. 
  • Attending a Law School Course: Kansas attorneys may earn credit for attending courses taught at an ABA-accredited law school. 

What is the deadline for Attorneys to complete their Kansas CLE credits? 

The annual deadline to complete the KS CLE is June 30th.  


Can Attorneys carry over KS CLE credits from one cycle to another? 

Yes! Attorneys in Kansas may carry forward up to 10 excess general credit hours earned from one compliance period to the next. Ethics and professionalism credits earned in excess of the 2-credit minimum may be carried forward as general credit hours, but not as ethics and professionalism credit hours.  



How do KS Attorneys report their attendance? 

Attendance reporting for Kansas CLE varies depending on the format of the program completed. In some cases the attorney is responsible for reporting their own credits, while in other situations the course provider is responsible for reporting the attendance to Kansas CLE Commission. See below: 

  • Programs held in the state of Kansas: For CLE courses held within the state of Kansas, providers are responsible for distributing and collecting the appropriate Kansas affidavit for signature to the attendees. The provider is also responsible for submitting the signed affidavits to the Kansas CLE Commission within 30 days after the program is complete. 
  • Programs held outside of Kansas: For CLE courses held outside of Kansas, the attorney is responsible for submitting their own signed affidavit within 30 days after the program 
  • Online programming: Providers are responsible for submitting an attendance roster to the Kansas CLE Commission within 30 days after the program for all Pre-Recorded and Live Webcast courses. 


What is the deadline for KS attorneys to report their courses? 

Kansas attorneys must report their CLE credits by July 31st. 


How do KS Attorneys certify compliance? 

Each August, the Kansas CLE Commission issues an annual report to each attorney for the preceding compliance period (July 1st through June 30th). If the report is accurate, the attorney doesn’t need to do anything further and the report will be filed automatically. If the report is not accurate, the attorney needs to notify the Commission within 30 days.  


What is the deadline for KS attorneys to certify compliance? 

Kansas attorneys have 30 days to return their compliance report to the Kansas CLE Commission if there is inaccurate information on it. If the report is accurate, no further steps are required. 



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