Who is considered an Experienced Attorney in Iowa? 

An Experienced Attorney in Iowa is an attorney who has been admitted for more than 1 year and has completed the Basic Skills Requirement course.  


What are the CLE requirements for Experienced Attorneys in Iowa? 

Attorneys in Iowa must complete a total of 15 CLE credits per reporting year. Every two years, at least 3 hours must be in approved Ethics CLE. 


How can Experienced Attorneys in Iowa fulfill their CLE Requirements? 

Attorneys can fulfill their IA CLE Requirements by attending 15 hours of CLE classes that have been approved by the Iowa CLE Commission. Acceptable course formats include: 

Unmoderated CLE activities: (Maximum six credits per year)  

Live, Moderated CLE activities: 


How many credits can IA attorneys complete on CLE Companion? 

CLE Companion does not accredit courses for Iowa. However, we believe our courses would qualify for Iowa credit approval pursuant to the Rules of the Iowa State Board of Continuing Legal Education. IA attorneys can self-apply for course approval of CLE Companion programs by following this link: Iowa Commissions website. 


Are there other ways for Experienced Attorneys in IA can earn CLE credit? 

Yes! IA attorneys can receive credit for preparing in and teaching an accredited CLE program. Attorneys earn 1 CLE credit for every 60 minutes of presentation, with a maximum of 3 credit hours earned per year. No additional credit for preparation time. Hours do not apply to the Ethics requirement. 


What is the deadline for Experienced Attorneys in IA to complete their CLE credits? 

Attorneys in IA must complete their CLE requirements on or before December 31st every year.  


Can Experienced IA Attorneys carry forward excess credits to the next reporting year? 

Yes! Iowa attorneys may carry forward excess CLE credits earned to the next two reporting cycles. Carryover credits must be noted on the annual report. 

Excess Ethics credits may be carried forward to the next reporting year for purposes of meeting the 15 hour total CLE requirement. However, excess Ethics credits cannot be carried over to the next two-year cycle where Ethics credits are required. 

For example, if an attorney is due to complete Ethics credits in 2018 and completes 6 Ethics credits in 2017, the extra 3 hours will carry over to the 2018 reporting year (towards the total 15-hour requirement) but cannot be carried over to the next reporting period, in which Ethics credits are due.  


Can Iowa attorneys self-apply for course approval? 

Yes, Iowa attorneys can self-apply for course approval on the Iowa Commissions website.  


Who is considered Newly Admitted Attorney in IA? 

A Newly Admitted Attorney in Iowa is one who is still within the first year of admission.  

What are the IA CLE Requirements for Newly Admitted Attorneys? 

Iowa Newly Admitted Attorneys must complete an 8-hour Basic Skills course within one (1) year from the date of admission to practice in Iowa. This program must have at least 1 hour of Ethics, and focus specifically on Iowa law in at least 8 of the following 10 topic areas: 

  • Civil Procedure 
  • Criminal Law 
  • Criminal Procedure 
  • Family Law 
  • Guardianships, Conservatorships, Trusts, and Powers of Appointment 
  • Business Entities 
  • Probate 
  • Torts 
  • Contracts 
  • Real Estate Transactions 
  • Ethics and Professionalism 


What is the deadline for Newly Admitted Attorneys in IA to complete their Basic Skills course requirement? 

Newly Admitted IA Attorneys must complete the Basic Skills course within one year from the date of admission to the IA Bar. 


Is anyone exempt from completing the IA Basic Skills course requirement? 

The Basic Skills requirement does not apply to attorneys admitted to practice on motion.  


How do IA attorneys certify compliance? 

Iowa attorneys need to submit their Annual CLE report on the IA Commission on Continuing Legal Education website (  For more instructions on how to report your attendance, please see attached instructions below:

Iowa CLE Companion Reporting Instructions

What is the deadline for IA attorneys to certify compliance? 

The Annual CLE report must be submitted to the IA Commission on Continuing Legal Education by March 10th every year. 


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