Who is considered an Experienced Attorney in Idaho? 

Experienced Attorneys in Idaho are those who have been admitted to practice for more than one year.  


What are the CLE requirements for Experienced Attorneys in Idaho? 

Experienced Idaho Attorneys must complete at least 30 creditsof CLE, including at least 3 credits in Ethics or Professional Responsibility, every three years.  


How can Experienced Attorneys in Idaho fulfill their CLE Requirements? 

Attorneys can fulfill their ID CLE Requirements by attending 30 hours of approved CLE classes. CLE programs may be offered in the following formats: 


Are there other ways for Experienced Attorneys in ID to earn CLE credit? 

Yes! Attorneys can receive credit for: 


Can Idaho attorneys fulfill their CLE requirements by fulfilling their CLE requirements in other CLE states? 

Yes! Idaho attorneys who primarily practice in another state may use their MCLE compliance from other states to meet the MCLE requirements of ID. Please see the State Bar Website for further information about how this is done.  


What is the deadline for Experienced Attorneys in ID to complete their CLE credits? 

Attorneys in ID must complete their CLE requirements on or before December 31st of the third year of their reporting period.  


What is the reporting period for Experienced Idaho Attorneys? 

Reporting periods are determined for attorneys based on when they were admitted to the ID Bar. Once an attorney is admitted to the Bar, their reporting period begins on their date of admission and ends on December 31st of the third full calendar year following admission. Their reporting period is every 3 calendar years thereafter.  


Can Experienced Attorneys in ID carry over CLE credits from one cycle to another? 

No. Attorneys cannot carry over any credits from one reporting period to the next.  


How many credits can ID attorneys complete on CLE Companion? 

Attorneys can complete up to 15 Self-Study credits by completing On-Demandcourses.  Our Idaho course catalog can be found here.  CLE Companion does not accredit courses for Idaho.  However, You may take ALL of your required CLE Credits on CLE Companion and Self Apply for Approval.  Our courses would qualify for Idaho credit approval pursuant to the Rules of the Idaho State Board of Continuing Legal Education. ID attorneys can self-apply for course approval of CLE Companion programs by filling out this form: Idaho Self Study Application 



Can ID attorneys self-apply for course approval? 

Attorneys can self apply for course accreditation by filling out the form below: 

Idaho Self Study Application 




Who is considered a Newly Admitted Attorney in Idaho? 

A Newly Admitted Attorney in Idaho is one who has been admitted to practice in Idaho for one year or less. 


What are the ID CLE Requirements for Newly Admitted Attorneys? 

As part of the 30 credit requirement every 3 years as required of all attorneys in Idaho, Newly Admitted Attorneys in ID must complete 10 credits of New Admittee Credit-Approved CLE, including 4 courses that specifically address Idaho substantive law regarding Ethics, Civil and Criminal Procedure, and Community Property. 

New Admittees who have actively practiced law for less than three years prior to admission in Idaho must complete the New Attorney Program, which consists of an introduction to practice, procedure, and ethics. Completion of this program would count towards the 10-credit New Admittee Credit Requirement for Newly Admitted Idaho attorneys. 


How can Newly Admitted Attorneys in Idaho fulfill their CLE Requirements? 

The New Attorney Program is an in-person event held twice per year in Boise on the morning of each Admission Ceremony in the Spring and Fall. It cannot be completed online or as a recorded program. 

NAC-Approved credits can be completed with either traditional live, in-person CLE seminars or with online On-Demand CLE courses. As long as the course has been approved by the Idaho State Bar to satisfy the New Admittee Credit Requirement, the course may be taken towards this requirement. 

The rest of the 30-credit CLE requirement can be fulfilled in the following formats: 

  • Self Study (Limited to no more than 15 CLE credits per reporting period) 


What is the deadline for Newly Admitted Attorneys in ID to complete their CLE credits? 

Newly Admitted Attorneys must complete the New Admittee Credit Requirement within 1 year after admission to the Bar. 


Can Newly Admitted Attorneys in ID carry over CLE credits from one cycle to another? 

No. Attorneys cannot carry over any credits from one reporting period to the next.  


How do ID attorneys report their CLE attendance? 

In Idaho, the providers of approved CLE programs are responsible for reporting attendance to the Board. 

You may satisfy 15 of your Self Study CLE Companion.   For more instructions on how to report your attendance, please see attached instructions below:

Idaho CLE Companion Reporting Instructions

How do ID attorneys certify compliance? 

Idaho attorneys certify compliance by submitting to the Board a Written Certificate of Compliance.  This form is provided to Idaho attorneys at the end of their reporting period and includes all completed courses from the current reporting period.  


What is the deadline for ID attorneys to certify compliance? 

The Certificate of Compliance must be submitted on or before February 1st immediately following the reporting period. 


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