What are the Arkansas CLE Requirements? 

Attorneys are required to complete 12 CLE credits annually, including at least 1 CLE credit in Ethics. 

Note: Attorneys who are still in their first year of admission are exempt from completing the CLE requirement for that reporting cycle.  


How can attorneys in Arkansas fulfill their CLE Requirements? 

Attorneys can fulfill their AR CLE Requirements by completing Board-approved CLE programs, or by completing programs conducted by sponsors who have been presumptively approved by the Board to offer CLE courses. 

Arkansas attorneys may complete CLE programs in the following formats: 


How many credits can Arkansas attorneys complete on CLE Companion? 

Attorneys can complete all 12 credits on CLE Companion.  Please see our course catalog here. 


Are there other ways attorneys in Arkansas can earn CLE credit? 

Yes! Attorneys can receive credit for: 

  • Teaching an accredited CLE program. Attorneys can earn 4 CLE credits for each initial hour of presentation and 2 CLE credits for each subsequent presentation of the same course material. 
  • Panel Discussions. Attorneys who participate in panel presentations can receive 3 CLE credits for each 1 hour of participation. 
  • Teaching or Attending Law courses at an ABA-accredited law school. Attorneys can earn credit for part-time teaching, enrollment or official audit of a course at a rate of 12 CLE credits per 1 academic credit hour. 
  • Published legal writing. Arkansas attorneys may earn up to 12 hours of CLE credit through writing a law-related article that gets published by an American Bar Association accredited law school, a state bar journal, or an official publication of the American Bar Association. Attorneys may also receive CLE credit by writing a published book on legal matters. 

Can attorneys in AR carry over CLE credits from one cycle to another? 


Yes! Attorneys can carry over up to twelve (12) excess CLE credits, including one (1) ethics, into their next annual reporting cycle.  


What is the deadline for attorneys in AR to complete their CLE credits? 

Attorneys must complete their CLE requirement by June 30th each year. 


How do AR attorneys report their attendance? 

All attorneys must self-report their CLE credit completions on the AR website.  For more instructions on how to report your attendance, please see attached instructions below:

Arkansas CLE Companion Reporting Instructions

What is the deadline for AR attorneys to report their attendance? 

Arkansas attorneys must report their credits by July 31st each year. 


How do AR attorneys certify compliance? 

A final report from the previous reporting cycle will be mailed to all AR attorneys on or before July 31st. If an attorney is in compliance, no further steps need to be made. If an attorney is deficient, they must sign and return the acknowledgment of deficiency form by August 31st and complete the remainder of their requirement by December 1st. They must report the deficient credits by December 15th.

What is the deadline for AR attorneys to certify compliance? 

All Arkansas attorneys must certify that they have completed their CLE requirement for that reporting cycle by August 31st. 


State Board of Contact Info 

Arkansas CLE Board  
Arkansas Justice Building 
625 Marshall Street, Suite 110 
Little Rock, AR 72201  
(t) 501-374-1855  

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