Introduction to Sports Law I- The Legal Structure of Sports Organizations


This CLE presentation is the first course in a series discussing legal aspects of professional and amateur sports. Intended for those who wish to gain a general background in the field for professional or personal interest. The first part of the course discusses the organizational, legal and economic underpinnings of U.S. professional sports leagues, with a comparison between the U.S. models with International models. The lecture will also cover such aspects as the antitrust consequences of leagues, the lack of statutory law that governs sports, as well as the strong reliance on internal rules and regulations in the operations of sports organizations. Also discussed are the increasing calls for a human rights component in sports (both in the U.S. and particularly, Internationally). Transparency and ethical rules of governance are addressed at the conclusion of the presentation.

Specific statutes addressed in the course include the Sherman Anti-Trust Law, the Ted Stevens Amateur Sports Act, and the National Labor Relations Act. Cases discussed will include Finley v. Kuhn, 569 F.2d 527 (7th Cir. 1978) and NFL v. NFLPA (Brady), 820 F.2d 527 (2d Cir. 2016). The presentation will also include references to the constitutions and bylaws of some of the leagues.

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