Regina Trainor

Regina Trainor


John’s University School of Law

Doctor of Law (J.D.), Law

Adelphi University

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)



A healthcare attorney and member of the firm’s transactional practice, Regina Trainor brings more than 24 years of experience negotiating complex healthcare business transactions. She adeptly navigates the myriad aspects of hospital and other healthcare operations, finance and regulatory compliance essential to mergers, physician practice acquisitions and cutting-edge initiatives driving successful business ventures in the healthcare and life sciences arena.

Regina’s focus on the foundational elements of due diligence has given her a keen understanding of healthcare infrastructure, with a particular emphasis on high-risk areas such as claims payment and finance. Regina’s foundational skills in contract analysis and standardization, regulatory compliance, and the detection of provider fraud and abuse stand her in good stead when collaboratively negotiating win-win healthcare transactions. When necessary, Regina wields her knowledge of the Stark Law and federal Anti-Kickback Statute to advise clients on transactional risks and litigation defense, including False Claims Act whistleblower lawsuits.

Regina decided to become an attorney at the age of six, and nothing outdistances her passion for the law. She strikes a balance through her love of running and her steadfast commitment to family life. Combining the best of both worlds, Regina’s son follows in her footsteps by attending law school at UCLA.



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