Daniel K. Wiig

B.S. Saint Johns University
MBA Fordham University
J.D. Brooklyn Law School


Known as a cross-functional leader who gets things done, people call upon me to develop ideas and create initiatives, bring diverse people and opinions together, and conceive, implement, and achieve strategic goals. A business partner and trusted adviser to corporate executives, judges, and community leaders, I provide advice and guidance on transactions, dispute resolution, controlling regulations, human resources, policy development, process implementation and best practices. My value to any organization is my combination of legal, business, and community expertise, with a skill set that is beyond lawyering, weaving pragmatism and common-sense into the fabric of decisions. This is reflected in a range of accomplishments, from corralling executives to provide information to secure coverage for a $1.2 million loss, drafting a $3 million enterprise-wide Saas Agreement, investigating allegations of employee misconduct, refining consumer disclosures to eliminate any perceived ambiguity, developing the first-of-its kind law school course, resuscitating a branded bar ass’n journal, generating greater young lawyer participation in bar ass’n events through effective marketing, reaching consensus to resolve contentious dispute between former business partners, and setting the standard for in-house counsel to collect attorneys’ fees. I am an extrovert and excellent communicator, who has cultivated career-long relationships with colleagues, clients, and members of the broader community.

Core Competencies:

Commercial Contracts/Transactions
– RFPs, procurement, NDAs
– MSAs with schedules, SaaS, professional services
– corporate events, corporate sponsorships and naming rights
– IP and Trademark/service marks

Dispute Resolution
– Areas include commercial, debtor/creditor, employee, business torts, regulatory
– internal investigations, motion practice, discovery, litigation management, hearings and trials
– outside and inside counsel supervision
– Certified Mediator and Arbitrator

Banking & Finance
– Regulatory Banking Compliance (including): BSA, OFAC, FCRA, FDCPA, TILSA, TCPA, NYDFS Part 500, Reg E, Reg Z, UCC Art 3 & 4
– Partnering with Fintech for products and services

Real Estate & Construction
– AIA and associated agreements
– leases and license negotiation

Human Resources
– policy drafting
– investigations
– claims before the NY Div of Human Rights and the NYS Dep’t of Labor

Vendor Management/Due Diligence
– vetting vendors & assessing business needs
– risk analysis and policy drafting


Email: danielkwiig@gmail.com
Twitter: danwiig


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