Digital Asset Protection CLE

Ten Ways to Protect your Clients Digital Assets

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60 minutes

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Betsy Ehrenberg

More than 70% of adults avoid preparing for end-of-life realities. They may have current wills or trusts on file and yet, they expect their loved ones and professional advisors to know what to do and how to locate their digital and tangible assets upon death.

One way to convince people to get organized and make arrangements is to examine the many responsibilities an estate fiduciary has to carry out, and without a roadmap to locate digital assets, the task is daunting. Today with our mounting physical and digital assets, getting organized also involves leaving a clear inventory or list for the executor.

Account password management is not the complete answer; do you know why? Identity theft protection services miss the mark; how can you get a bullseye?  Banks and credit unions keep changing their account access protocols; how can you navigate the system and its turbulent waters? Don’t get left behind.

In this course, forensic digital asset expert Ms. Betsy Ehrenberg provides a comprehensive overview of digital assets to address these questions and more.

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