Immigration Continuing Legal Education Course

Passport to Immigration Law: Employers and Lawyers Working

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Course Duration

60 minutes

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General/ Substantive

Presented By

Valerie Salcido

Only by virtue of their ability to attract the world’s most talented and ambitious people can high-profile companies in America advance the modern world in medicine, technology, energy etc.  These forward-thinking companies play an integral role in enhancing America’s competitiveness and global influence, so compliance with immigration law is vital. Current U.S. immigration law is based on the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952 (“INA”), codified at 8 U.S.C. §1101 and amended numerous times over the past half-century. Recently, immigration laws and policies are being thrust to the forefront of the national consciousness, causing the immigration landscape to rapidly evolve. This informative series will discuss current immigration-related issues, foundational knowledge of immigration law with a focus on employment-based immigration, and common compliance issues for employers.

Part 1 – A General Overview of U.S. Immigration

Part 2 – Nonimmigrant Visas: Coming to America

Part 3 – Immigrant Visas: To Stay or Not to Stay

Part 4 – Compliance Requirements for Employers

Part 5 – Immigration Escalation during a Global Pandemic

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