How to Properly Diagnose Pain in Personal Injury Litigation

Credit States:
Course Duration: 60 minutes
Credit Type: General/ Substantive
Presented by: Dr. Nelson Hendler


Dr. Hendler, former assistant professor of neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine as well as past president of the American Academy of Pain Management.  He delivers a CLE on how a proper diagnosis will help an attorney meet insurance company objection and increase recovery.

Johns Hopkins Hospital doctors report that 40%-80% of Personal Injury cases are misdiagnosed. He explains the main causes of pain and what questions to ask to correctly identify diagnoses commonly overlooked by treating physicians.  You can’t fix a problem until you know what causes it.  The correct diagnosis leads to the correct medical testing and treatment. Sprains and strains and whiplash do not last more than 8 weeks. MRI’s miss disc damage 78% of the time compared to provocative discograms. Attorneys will learn what other diagnoses are commonly missed by doctors, and the correct medical tests are needed to properly represent their clients.


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