How to Investigate Without Breaking the Law or Getting Disbarred

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60 minutes

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Philip Segal

Ten issues in 60 minutes: Investigative lawyer Philip Segal of Charles Griffin Intelligence in New York takes you through a fast-paced tour of ten fascinating areas most ethics talks leave behind. These are critical for any lawyer involved in gathering facts or hiring someone else to investigate on the lawyer’s behalf. From how to avoid fraud allegations over pretexting to the do’s and don’ts involving bank records, GPS tracking devices, phone recording and the fast-changing world of computer monitoring and wiretapping, this is a program no litigator, family or IP lawyer should miss.

  • The agency principle
  • What’s Off-limits
  • The no-contact rule
  • Pretexting
  • Accessing someone’s computer and wiretapping
  • Recording phone conversations
  • Phone pinging
  • GPS tracking devices
  • Data security
  • The Fair Credit Reporting Act

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