Who is considered an Experienced Attorney in Hawaii? 

An Experienced Attorney is someone who has been admitted to the bar for at least 1 full calendar year.  


What are the CLE requirements for HI Experienced Attorneys? 

Experienced Attorneys must complete 3 general credit hours every year. Once every three years, at least 1 ethics credit must be completed as part of the 3 total CLE credit requirement.  


How can Experienced Attorneys in Hawaii fulfill their CLE requirements? 

Experienced Hawaii Attorneys can fulfill their CLE requirement by attending courses that have been individually approved by the Hawaii State Bar, or courses that are provided by sponsors who have been presumptively accredited by the Hawaii State Bar. Examples of acceptable course formats include: 


Are there any other ways Experienced HI Attorney can earn CLE credit? 

Yes! Attorneys in Hawaii can earn CLE credit for: 

  • Teaching CLE. Attorneys who teach an approved CLE program can earn two credits for preparation plus one hour for instruction for every 50 minutes of time spent teaching. In other words, for teaching a 50-minute course, an attorney can earn three CLE credits. 
  • Legal Writing. Attorneys can earn two CLE credits for every 1,500 words written per year that are published in: 
  • Bar journals 


What is the deadline for Experienced Attorneys in HI to complete their CLE credits? 

Experienced Attorneys must complete their CLE requirements by December 31st every year.  


Can Experienced Attorneys in HI carry over any excess credits to the next reporting period? 

Yes! Attorneys may carry over up to 3 credits into the next reporting period.  


How many credits can HI attorneys complete on CLE Companion? 

CLE Companion does not currently offer courses in Hawaii. Please join our Newsletter for updates on Hawaii courses in the future.  



Who is considered a HI Newly Admitted Attorney? 

Attorneys have considered Newly Admitted during the calendar year in which they were admitted. 


What are the HI CLE requirements for Newly Admitted Attorneys? 

Newly Admitted Attorneys are exempt from completing the annual CLE requirement during the year in which they were admitted. However, Newly Admitted Attorneys must complete a specific Hawaii Professionalism course by December 31st of the first full calendar year after admission. This program is worth 4.5 CLE credits, 3 of which can be carried forward into the following year to meet the annual CLE requirement for Hawaii.  


How can HI Newly Admitted Attorneys complete their Professionalism requirement? 

The Hawaii Professionalism course for Newly Admitted Attorneys is offered jointly by the Hawaii Supreme Court and the State Bar. The course is only offered twice per year.  

What is the deadline for Newly Admitted Attorneys to complete their requirement? 

Newly Admitted Attorneys must complete the Hawaii Professionalism course by December 31st of the first full calendar year of admission.  


Can Newly Admitted Attorneys in HI carry over CLE credits from one cycle to another? 

Yes! Three of the credits earned at the Hawaii Professionalism course may be carried over to the next reporting period.  


How do HI attorneys report their CLE credits? 

In Hawaii, sponsors are responsible for reporting CLE attendance information to the Board within 30 days after the program is completed.  For more instructions on how to report your attendance, please see attached instructions below:

Hawaii CLE Companion Reporting Instructions

How do HI Attorneys certify compliance with the State Bar? 

Each year on the annual registration form, Hawaii attorneys must certify whether or not they completed their CLE requirements for the previous year, and must also specify the exact number of Ethics credits earned during the year. This can be completed online or via mail. 


What is the deadline for Hawaii attorneys to certify compliance with the State Bar? 

The attorney annual registration must be completed and submitted by December 31st each year.  


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