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What are the NE CLE Requirements for attorneys? 

Attorneys in Nebraska must complete at least 10 CLE credits, including at least 2 Ethics CLE credits, each year. 

Note: Attorneys are exempt from completing CLE credits during the calendar year in which they were admitted.  


How can attorneys in NE fulfill their CLE Requirements? 

Attorneys can complete their CLE Requirement by taking CLE courses that have been approved and accredited by the Nebraska Attorney Services Division of the Supreme Court. Some acceptable formats include: 


Are there other ways attorneys in NE can earn CLE credit? 

Yes! Nebraska attorneys can earn CLE credit for the following: 

  • Attending in-house CLE courses: Attorneys can earn up to 5 CLE credits per reporting cycle via in-house CLE courses. 
  • Teaching an approved CLE course: Attorneys can earn up to 3 CLE credits per reporting cycle for teaching an approved CLE course. Attorneys who teach a course must apply to the Director of Judicial Branch Education with an explanation of the time spent in preparation. CLE credits awarded for preparation time is in addition to the CLE credits earned for attendance. Note, attorneys can only earn credit for teaching a particular course once per reporting period. 
  • Attending a J.D. or Graduate law course at an ABA-accredited law school: Attorneys can earn CLE credits for the actual class hours attended for a maximum of 10 CLE credits (the maximum CLE credits required). Please note the following: 
  • Attorneys must already be admitted to practice in NE before they start the course 
  • Courses can be taken towards a degree or by audit 
  • Attorneys must complete the course and comply with all law school rules for the course including attendance, participation, and examination 
  • The law school will give the attorney a written certification saying the attorney has complied with the requirements and completed the course 


What is the deadline for attorneys in NE to complete their CLE credits? 

Attorneys must complete their CLE requirements by December 31st each year. 


Can attorneys in NE carry over CLE credits from one cycle to another? 

Yes! Nebraska attorneys can carry over 5 Live, In-Person CLE credits earned in excess of the 10 CLE credit requirement. Ethics credits and Distance Learning credits cannot be carried over.  


How many credits can NE attorneys complete on CLE Companion? 

CLE Companion does not accredit courses for Nebraska. Please join our Newsletter to be updated on any future changes.  


How do NE attorneys report courses? 

In Nebraska, sponsors of CLE courses must submit attendance within 30 days after a course is held. Attorneys can also self-report their attendance and maintain their CLE transcript on the NE website. 


How do NE attorneys certify compliance? 

Attorneys in Nebraska certify their compliance on their Annual Report. By October 1st each year, the Director of Judicial Branch Education will email all Nebraska attorneys and ask them to review their online accounts for accuracy, and starting on December 1st, attorneys can certify their CLE compliance on the Annual Report on their Nebraska online account. 


What is the deadline in NE for attorneys to certify their CLE compliance? 

Attorneys must certify their compliance by January 20th each year. 


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