Creating a Win Win Situation: How to effectively negotiate a Legal Saas Contract

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60 minutes

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General/ Substantive

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Yilin Chen

In law school, we are taught that “offer”, “acceptance”, and “consideration” are the cornerstone of each contract. Out in the real world, these concepts are vague philosophical terms that have minimal impact to an effective SaaS Contract negotiation. In the real world, in-house attorneys rarely debate about whether a contract has been accepted. Instead, we engage in active discussions about scope of work, termination for breach, information security requirements and other key components of a SaaS contract. In order to engage in effective SaaS contract negotiation, one must have a strong understanding of the business goals behind each agreement and engage in dialogues that sit in the cross-roads between legal and business.

Tune into our webinar with Yilin Chen, General Counsel at Hearth, to learn more about effective SaaS contract negotiation techniques, its value, and key negotiation strategies.

You will learn:
• The Different Components of SaaS Agreement
• Key considerations during a SaaS Contract Negotiation
• The roles buyer and seller plays when negotiating a SaaS agreement
• How to effectively partner with business stakeholders during a SaaS negotiation
• Strategies that can help drive the best outcome for SaaS negotiation.

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