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Navigating Emergency Applications in State and Federal Court

Credit States:
Course Duration: 60 minutes
Credit Type: Trial Skills
Presented by: Ross Pitcoff

Filing emergency applications can be a lengthy and arduous process.  Actions for Temporary Restraining Orders and Preliminary Injunctions are often necessary to stop bad actors from continuing detrimental conduct that can result in significant losses to the aggrieved party.  Preparation of these applications requires a working understanding of the law, facts and procedural guidelines that must be followed in order to have a judge sign off on the proposed paperwork, and ensure that the defendant(s) will be required to show cause at an expedited appearance in court.


In this course we will cover:


  • What Must Be Included in a Proposed Order to Show Cause;


  • An Explanation of the Supporting Documents that must be Submitted with the OTSC In order to obtain the Requested Relief;


  • The Differences between a Temporary Restraining Order and Preliminary Injunction, and how courts analyze these applications for relief;


  • Case Specific Examples Where Orders to Show Cause for Temporary Restraining Orders and/or Preliminary Injunctions have been granted;


  • Strategies for Successful Outcomes When Initiating These Emergency Filings.

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